7 Impressive Movies with Airplane Themed with High IMDB Score

If you like to watch movies about plane crashes like us, we have listed 7 magnificent impressive movies with high IMDB scores. Especially for those who watch the Lost TV series and are interested in airplane-themed movies, we have brought together the 7 best quality movies about plane crashes from the past to the present. Let’s examine together which movies about plane crashes you must watch.

The Flight of the Phoenix (2004) – Airplane-Themed Movies

We can say that Phoenix’s Awakening is a movie about plane crash, which was originally named The Flight of the Phoenix and is a modern version of the 1965 movie. The 2004 movie The Awakening of Anka, which is in the genre of adventure films and Disaster films, tells the struggle of the passengers who survived the plane that crashed in the Gobi desert in nature and finally their decision to make a new plane with the parts of the falling plane.The movie stars stars such as Dennis Quaid and Giovanni Ribisi. It is noteworthy that the 2004 film’s IMDb score is 6.1. John Moore is the director of the movie.

Executive Decision (1996) – Airplane Themed Movies

The Executive Decision movie, originally named Executive Decision, is among the films about the 1996 plane crash. Directed by Stuart Baird, the film features names such as Kurt Russell, Steven Seagal, Halle Berry, Oliver Platt, David Suchet and John Leguizamo. The subject of the film is about the rescue of a hijacked plane. The IMDb score of the movie stands out as 6.4.

Final Destination (2000) – Airplane-Themed Movies

The Final Destination movie, whose original name is Final Destination, draws attention with its starting with a plane crash in the first movie of the series. And that’s why, in 2000, she includes the movie Final Destination among the movies about plane crashes. Even though those who watch the Final Destination series know the subject of the movie, let’s talk about the movie briefly. A group of young people who are friends from high school will go on a trip to Paris. In his dream, Alex sees that the plane they are going to paris has crashed and tells her dream to his friends. His friends don’t believe Alex. Although Alex and his friends narrowly overcome disasters, death will never let go of them. The IMDb score of the movie, which was adapted from the characters created by Jeffrey Reddick, is 6.7.

Con Air (1997) Airplane-Themed Movies

Produced in 1997, the film features famous actors such as Nicolas Cage and Jonhn Cusack. Con Air movie in the genre of action and thrillers, when the prisoners are being transferred from one prison to another, the film narrates the events that take place when one of the prisoners takes over the plane.The IMDb score of the movie stands out as 6.9.

The Grey (1993) – Airplane-Themed Movies

Now, with this movie, we’re taking you back exactly 27 years ago. 1993’s The Gray movie is also among the movies about plane crashes. The Gray, which has a 6.8 IMDb score, depicts what happened after the plane crashed of a team that went to Alaska to work in oil drilling. The crew, whose plane crashed, fights against wild wolves, cold weather conditions and the injuries they received after the accident put the team into an incredible fight. This movie is one of the quality movies about the struggle for survival, apart from the movies about plane crashes.

Non-Stop (2014) – Airplane-Themed Movies

The Non-Stop movie, one of the action and thriller films produced in 2014, is also among the movies about plane crashes. The subject of the movie is a plane hijacked and a retired soldier is sent a message from the hijackers. The hijackers say they wanted $ 150 million to be sent to their bank accounts and writes a message stating that they will kill a person every 20 minutes unless money is sent to their account. A magnificent film about events happening thousands of meters above the ground. The IMDb score of the movie is 7.0.

Alive (1993) – Airplane-Themed Movies

Originally called Alive, the movie is about 27 years old. The subject of the movie Alive, which is among the airplane-themed films, is the subject of a crashed airplane and the struggle for survival of those who survive in this plane against nature. The IMDb score of this 1993 movie shows that it is a movie worth watching with 7.1.

In this topic, we have prepared a list of films with the highest IMDb score among the movies about plane crashes. Although some of them are films made in very old times, Today, these movies are among the quality movies we can recommend for those who want to watch airplane-themed movies.

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